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World's First Painting - "Hierakonpolis Tomb Painting"

Man has been creative even when he was still living in caves some 40,000 years ago. As a result, the so called cave paintings have emerged. But, it was the Egyptians with their tomb paintings that created the first painting.

Hierakonpolis Tomb Painting, Egypt

The Ancient Egyptians are really famous for their artistic abilities, particularly with the art on the walls of tombs.

The first painting in the world was found in a tomb at Hierakonpolis dating back to 3500 BC. In this period of time, there were no dynasties in Egypt, especially the famous rulers like Tutenkhamen didn't exist.

Why is the first painting drawn?

This painting, in specific, is drawn to assist the person in making an easy switch into the afterlife. Egyptians are firm believers of afterlife (there's life after death).

Hierakonpolis is the Greek name for the ancient Egyptian city of Nekhen. Hierakon means "falcon”, polis means “city”.

Hierakonpolis is the City of the Falcon. It was the first large settlement in Egypt. The tomb is actually 1000 years older than the Great pyramids.

Apparently, the tomb was found in 1899, but a few years prior to this, a gang of robbers looted the tomb and took almost all of the valuable artifacts.

What does the first painting mean?

Art historians interpreted that it could be showing the coming of Asians into Egypt, but the mural was very confusing. Some scholars described it as “jumbled” and “chaotic”, with hunting scenes mixed with battle scenes etc.,

Salvador Mundi, the World's most expensive painting

Did you know?

It was Leonardo Da vinci, an Italian polymath who painted the now World's famous painting of Mona Lisa.

He also painted a masterpiece called "Salvador Mundi" which is sold for about $450 million dollars at an auction, thus making it the World's Most expensive painting.

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