• Nikhil Badveli

World's First Video Game

One of the things every child holds preciously is playing video games. Although the medium has changed from Gaming consoles to PC games to Smartphone games, the pure joy of it hasn't changed much.

I'm pretty sure that almost anyone who is reading this article must have been exposed to video games in one form or another. You just can't escape it in today's world.

I don't need to "Get a life". I'm a gamer. I have lots of lives - Every hardcore gamer

Year 1958: Tennis for Two

This is the first video game in the world, created by William Higinbotham, the same person who was on the team that designed the deadly nuclear bomb during WWII.

It took only hours to design this game, nonetheless it was a huge success.

Many people ask "Why was the first game invented?". One of the more apparent reasons why was to bring joy and entertainment to the world.

Year 1972: 'Pong' by Atari

This hit game created by Allan Alcorn, came 14 years later to 'Tennis for Two'.

It was one of the earliest arcade video games.

Let me end this article in a respectful note.

Higinbotham invented video games to show that science isn’t all about war and destruction.

Yes, he had assisted in the design of the atom bomb that gave death, distress, and disorder to the world, but he is also the inventor of video games.

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